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Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business at the end of July, replacing it with Microsoft Teams. To allow a more predictable, orderly transition, ITS will be decommissioning Skype for Business on Saturday, May 22, 2021. Moving from Skype for Business to Teams is a change, but once you’re acclimated, we think you’ll like that Microsoft Teams offers chat, online meetings, calling, file management and a project workspace all in one space.

Impact of the Change

All faculty, staff, and students who use UNC Skype for Business will need to make the change to Microsoft Teams.


  1. You can search across all your teams, including chat history, posts, and files.
  2. Teams lets you resume a conversation at any time or send a file even when someone is offline.
  3. You can use Teams on your phone and on your computer.
  4. Teams is part of Office 365, so everyone at the University has access to it.

About the Change

The migration to Teams takes only a few minutes. Once it’s complete, the Skype for Business client is no longer functional. Since the migration process doesn’t remove the Skype for Business client, you may want to encourage those who have migrated to work with local IT staff to remove the client from their computer.

What happens to Skype for Business information (such as contacts and conversation history)?

    • Past conversations, calls, and voicemails will be in the Conversation History folder in Outlook.
    • Skype for Business contacts will be available in Teams under the Calls tab.
    • Skype for Business meetings will be on the Outlook calendar and on the Meetings tab in Teams.

What happens to Skype for Business meetings?

Any Skype for Business meetings you’ve scheduled will be migrated to Teams. If someone external to the organization has scheduled a Skype meeting with you, when you click the link to join the meeting, you’ll connect through Web-based Skype.


Making the Move

Skype for Business and Teams logos

Preparing for the move

  • Email communications about the move to Teams begin in mid-April.
  • Get familiar with Teams by reading the QuickStart guide, and watching the Overview of Teams for Skype Users video.
  • Microsoft also offers self-paced learning and live training.
  • You may want to experiment with using Teams for chat, calling and meetings now, while you still have Skype for Business.


Microsoft Teams logo

Ready to make the switch now?

If you’re ready to switch to Teams now, you can talk to your IT lead or submit an Office 365 service request and ask to be migrated from Skype for Business to Teams. Use this same process If you’re already using Teams and have a question.

We’ll be in touch again in a few weeks about this change. Visit this site periodically to learn more and to find additional resources for learning about Teams.